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Performance metrics to drive efficiency

Identifying the performance metrics associated with your HR process is an important step to get an idea about how we can measure the process. Broadly looking at the below categories would help to derive the right performance metrics that you will need to look at. 
  1. Customer satisfaction - Are customers happy with the service, product, process
  2. Cost effectiveness - are we delivering the process in the best possible cost?
  3. Process efficiency - is the process efficient and consistent?
  4. Staff productivity - are we using optimal staffing to deliver the results?
  5. Quality - Is the process producing output in a reasonable good quality without defects?
At this stage, collate all the metrics possible and understand how you would want to measure it as well. A simple tabular format to help you capture this is shown below

I will share the list of all HR metrics by process that i think would be useful in the upcoming blogs

At this stage, it is more about understanding more about processes, metrics and if the process is capturing enough data to measure the metrics. Not all metrics are useful and it isnt a great idea to measure all the metrics, the key for great performance management is to identify those key KPIs that makes sense to your organisation to achieve the strategic objective set by the business

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