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Automation plays an important role in achieving operational excellence in HR. Technology supporting end to end automation, service delivery and amazing employee experience are the winners in the Cloud HR technology market. We covered HR technology landscape in the previous blog, in this blog we will be covering some of the big names in HR technology ecosystem.

HCM market in the past was ruled by PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suit and SAP HCM software, however in the cloud world, there are many big players winning in different areas eventhough Workday, SAP SuccessFactors and Oracle HCM Cloud holds most of the marketshare.  In the new world, organisation need to think about investing in a partnership as opposed to buying a software as the rate of innovation in todays market is so fast that partnership is as important as the quality of the software at the time of purchase. 

Below is a diagram of functional layers within HR technology and some popular strategic vendors

Please note that technology selection for your organisation depends on the organisation specific need and hence a good software for one organisation may not be a fit for the other. HR technology selection process will purely depend on factors like requirements, vendor history, customer service, your budget, etc. and are specific to your organisation

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*Not all vendors are included here


Key player with overall end to end HCM offering from the founders of PeopleSoft
SAP SuccessFactors

Key player with overall end to end HCM offering from SAP
Oracle HCM Cloud

Key player with overall end to end HCM offering from SAP
Ultimate software

Well known overall end to end HCM player from an upcoming big player

Learning leader and provides talent management capabilities

HR service delivery leader with a move to provide end to end enterprise service management in one place Have on-boarding offering

HR service delivery tool, now owned by Ultimate software

Recruitment leader owned by Oracle
IBM Kenexa

Recruitment specialised owned by IBM

Leader in people analytics and strategic workforce planning space

Social recognition specialist

Employee engagement leader now owned by SAP, was leader in customer engagement

Employee engagement specialist owned by LinkedIn

Employee engagement specialist vendor, have other offerings as well

Payroll leader, have HCM software as well

Time and Attendance leader, managed complex time tracking

Total compensation statement specialised

Payroll leader
SAP Fieldglass

Vendor management system specialised for contingent worker management , owned by SAP
Talent Soft

Learning specialised

Payroll leaders

HR service delivery player, leader in customer service
Pega systems

HR service delivery player

Machine learning, data science player in analytics arena

Machine learning, data science player in analytics arena

Machine learning, data science player in analytics arena

Walkthrough tool to enable digital adoption

Digital adoption software

Social collaboration platform owned by Microsoft
Facebook Workplace

Social collaboration platform owned by Facebook

Social collaboration platform owned by Salesforce

Social recognition platform

Social recognition platform
LinkedIn Learning

Learning offering from LinkedIn
SAP Litmos

Social learning leaders owned by SAP
Power BI

Data visualisation tool owned by Microsoft

Data visualisation tool in analytics arena

Data visualisation tool in analytics arena
MicroSoft SharePoint

Portal and content management system owned by Microsoft

Robotic Process automation leader

Robotic Process automation leader
MS Teams

Microsoft teams for better teams collaboration and meeting
IBM Watson

Leader in Machine learning

Digital Signature leader 


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