Employee experience and moments that matters

Employee experience is the new buzz in HR and new mantra for successful HR function depends on how it redefines the employee experience in a meaningful way to create engaged employees.

There are 3 key concepts that explains what employee experience means in a nutshell
  1. Employee Journeys: employee journey is a set of experience or moments an employee go through during employee life cucle. A good example of an employee journey is 'on-boarding journey' which is a step by step experience employee go through from the time they accept the offer till the first 90 days in the business.
  2. Moments that matters: 'moments that matters' or 'moments of truth' is the moment or a step in a process that can create a great positve or negative impact for employees. An example of moments that matters is, first interview of a candidate with the company which can form a strong emotional moment in the mind of a candidate about the company. A bad interview experience impact the employee value proposition and something you would be able to see on Glassdoor the next day in todays social media savvy world 
  3. Effortless moments: Effortless moment is a step in the process which is expected to happen without any issue and is directly related to work productivity. An example of effortless moments could be having working laptop on day 1 at work. When an effortless moment fails then that creates a strong dissatisfaction
Employee Experience

In order to have a great employee experience, the following are critical
  • Delivering great employee service supported by digitally enabled tools.
  • Ensuring the effortless moments are always happening as expected and this is considered in the design of HR processes and services. It is also important to ensure there is a plan in place to resolve any failures as soon as it happens to avoid dissatisfied employees
  • Design processes and services to provide best possible positive experience or reduce the negative experience at the moments that matters
  • Constantly ask for feedback about employee experience to improve employee journeys and improve the experience everytime
Below is a catalogue of 70+ moments that matters across employee life cycle in alignment with the HR process taxonomy that was shared earlier in the blog, design your processes and services around this moments that matters to deliver great employee experience. Not all moments are equally important for all business, understand the differenting moments for your business and focus on those. For example, a business with many global employee movements will need to focus on moments that  creates a better global mobility experience. 

HR Moments that matters, Employee experience, Employee journeys, HR Moments of truth

It is important to measure and gain feedback at each of the moments that matters and employee journeys. Here is a suggestion on how you can measure the success and know about the experience, there are many engagement/ survey tools (GLINT, Peakon, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, etc.) in the market to help measure these metrics 
  • Employee journeys - Ask employees how they feel at the end of the journey with an indirect question. For example ask, 'would you recommend a friend to join this business?' at the end of the onboarding journey will you some great insights
  • Moments that matters: Ask for direct feedback on how employee feels after moments that matters, an NPS score would be perfect . An example would be 'how satisfied are you with the support you received during your day 1 at work? ' and ask to rate in a scale of 1-10
  • Efforless moments: Best way to measure this would be look for your support tickets to see if any of there are issues raised with any of the efforless moments, if so , perform a root cause analysis and fix the issue.

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