Value Stream Mapping for Recruitment Process and application of LEAN process improvement techniques

Value stream mapping is a great Lean SixSigma tool for process improvement. Value stream map visually shows the flow of information from customer to supplier and also the flow of material from creation to delivery to customers.  Analysing Value stream gives a clear idea about cycle time of the process, where the process is getting stuck, excess inventory, etc. Value stream mapping in a manufacturing world is much clear but when it comes to HR , it isnt as straight forward as we think, but still  it is great tool to identify issues with the process.
Below you will find an attempt to map recruitment process value stream.

Recruitment process value stream mapping

Looking at the process, what is clear is that it takes 98 days from start to finish to search, interview and on-board a new employee, but recruiter spend actually 4 days of effort. Cycle time of the process is 4 days. This means 96% of the time is spend on non value add activities. This means the process has a lot of scope for improvement.

Lets apply some hypothetical process improvement technique here
  • Eliminating Step: Let's look if we can eliminate any step , a potential opportunity is for customer/line managers to directly raise and post a requisition using manager self service. so that is a potential opportunity on reducing waste
  • Combining Step: Application process, screening, shortlisting process and  interview are separate and leads to idle time in the process, so here is an opportunity to use some AI tool to rank, shortlist candidate based on cognitive data analysis and also even automaticaly schedule interviews with line managers
  • Simplifing: Simplify application process to save time of application by asking just enough information
  • Rearranging: Potential opportunity to simplify inteview steps by using standard questioners or assessment up from , may be adding assessment step early can help to reduce time by reducing number of interviews from 3 to 2 is a possibility OR better talent pooling process can reduce the time to receive new applications
As mentioned this is a hypothetical streamlining using simple LEAN principles, reality may be different based on your organisational reality! Value stream mapping is a powerful way to simplify process to remove waste, make process faster and improve value to customers.


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