Translating HR Strategy into objectives

"Translating HR strategy into annual objectives for your team is a key aspects to ensure the improvement initiatives are aligned with the overall HR and business strategy. Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix and Catchball are amazing tools to translate strategy into initiatives with measurable KPI.

Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix and Catchball helps to breakdown the strategy into actions and also to gain alignment across the organisation. 

The purpose of Hoshin Strategic Planning is to improve communications throughout the company, whilst also reducing the waste created by poor direction or bad management at any level. Hoshin planning can be done at multiple level within a department. 

Let's explore 7 Step by step process for strategy planning in the context of an HR department
  1. Identify 5-6 breakthrough objectives for 3-5 years based on HR Strategy
  2. Translate long term objectives to annual objectives
  3. Identify strategic improvement initiatives to drive each annual objectives
  4. Define success factors for initiatives with clear KPI
  5. Identify resources/teams to deliver and own the initiatives
  6. Use catch ball to cascade and align (more details below) objectives before it is locked down
  7. Review Hoshin Kani X-Matrix on a regular basis in the context of the business

Note: The KPIs needs to be well defined and monitored on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis with review meetings

Below diagram shows an example on how you can use Hoshin X-matrix and catchball within your HR organisation. This method is sometimes referred as annual and non agile but with regular reviews it is very much possible to embed agile ways of working into hoshin planning exercise

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Catch ball process is used for communicating within organisation and gaining alignment within teams. Make sure one back and forth flow of information is performed before locking down the objectives for the year. 
HR Strategy Planning Catch ball

Once the objectives are locked, these objectives needs to be going into the Performance objectives of the HR individuals and teams which makes the outcomes defined with clear measures and integrated with the performance management process of your organisation.


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  6. Absolutely! Translating HR strategy into annual objectives is crucial for aligning improvement initiatives with the broader HR and business strategy. Tools like Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix and Catchball provide structured approaches to ensure this alignment, making it easier to track progress and measure success through tangible KPIs. It's all about turning strategic goals into actionable plans that drive meaningful results for the team and the organization as a whole.

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