Translating HR Strategy into objectives

Translating HR strategy into annual objectives for your team is a key aspects to ensure the improvement initiatives are aligned with the overall HR and business strategy. There are 2 tool sets that we will be using at this stage to translate strategy into measurable KPI for HR teams.  

Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix and Catchball helps to breakdown the strategy and also to gain alignment across the organisation. 

The purpose of Hoshin Planning is to improve communications throughout the company, whilst also reducing the waste created by poor direction or bad management at any level. Hoshin planning can be done at multiple level within department. 

Let's have a look at the 7 Step process on how is it done at HR function level

  1. Identify 5-6 breakthrough objectives for 3-5 years based on HR Strategy
  2. Translate long term objective to annual objectives
  3. Identify strategic improvement initiatives to drive annual objectives
  4. Define success factors for objectives with KPI
  5. Identify resources/teams to deliver the initiatives
  6. Use catch ball to cascade and align (more details below)
  7. Review Hoshin Kani X-Matrix on a regular basis in the context of the business

Note: The KPIs needs to be well defined and monitored on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis with review meetings

Below diagram is self explanatory with some example to show you how you can use Hoshin X-matrix and catchball within your organisation

HR Operational excellence,  HR Strategy Planning, HR Opex Strategy Deployment

Catch ball process is used for communicating within organisation and gaining alignment. Make sure one flow of information is performed before locking down the objectives for the year. 
HR Strategy Planning Catch ball

Once the objectives are locked, these objectives needs to be going into the Performance objectives of the HR individuals and teams which makes the outcomes defined with clear measures and integrated with the performance management process of your organisation.

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