What is HR Operational Excellence?

“‘Operational Excellence’ or ‘Execution excellence’ is the execution of the strategy more consistently and reliably’. Operational excellence is evidenced by results."

"Operationally Excellent HR function will have better customer satisfaction,  lower operating costs, increased productivity  and better efficiency thereby creating higher value to it's customers (employees, candidates, managers, business leaders)."

Process Management, Lean Six Sigma in the past were alien to HR professional. HR function is increasingly seeing the benefit of adopting operational excellence tools and principles. This enables HR business partners to be startegic advisors and HR centre of excellence professionals to be functional experts by taking away transactional processes from their hands. 

Adopting operational excellence tools and principles enables HR function to create value to its internal and external customers by improving HR policies, processes, services, technology and data. Operationally excellent HR function stive for better employee experience, process efficiency, consumer grade people services and data driven people decisions.

HR Operational excellence

Operational excellence and continuous improvements are often used interchangeably. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes incrementally. Operational excellence is about creating a mindset of continuous improvement by adopting the right tools and principles.

Achieving Operational Excellence requires successful implementation of an integrated business execution system that effectively integrates four key building blocks.

HR Operational Excellence Strategy is focussed around these 4 building blocks to create HR customer value

HR Operational Excellence Strategy

Let's explore the four building blocks of the HR OpEx Strategy.
HR Operational excellence

HR Strategy Deployment          
  • Translating HR Strategy to strategic objectives and HR Programs and deployment of HR programs consistently within the business.
  • HR strategic initiatives looked in the context of E2E employee life cycle to deliver excellent employee experience and best in class results.
HR Performance Management
  • Identifying Key performance indicators and setting targets to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Deploying HR balanced scorecard with productivity measures to keep a track on numers that matters.
  • Constantly monitoring and evaluating the KPI against best in class.
HR Process & Service Excellence
  • Managing processes & services to consistently deliver best in class results
  • Identify process and service improvement initiatives by deploying Lean Six Sigma thinking.
  • Managing and delivering continuous improvement intitiatives to achieve excellent results in HR processes and services delivery.
High Performing Teams
  • Creating a mindset of data driven continuous improvement within HR by deploying continuous improvement champions 
  • Enhancing hard skills in process improvement and project management within HR function.
  • Evaluating HR capabilities required to succeed esp. in digital, data and analytics.
  • Bringing HR operational excellence into the HR leadership table


  1. Nice and informative blog.. Keeping sharing !!
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  2. Instituting operational excellence in hr software therefore is based on three key elements creating better user experience, technology to support reliable data and lastly, securing the people the HR function needs to succeed. If they are dissatisfied, they may simply bypass HR operations when they want to get something done.

  3. Operational Excellence is not a continuous improvement initiative, nor a lean program where we seek out waste and eliminate it. It is very tangible and real, and has practical definition that applies to everyone in the organization. In Human Resources(HR), for example, best HR software professionals spend time on benefit packages, resolving employee disputes, hiring new employees, and much more. But Operational Excellence can still be achieved.


  4. thanks for sharing this info. I found this info very informative as i am doing my online Mba program in Hr and doing this from distance learning center in Pune. keep sharing this type of great info.

  5. Nice blog. love the info shared by you, as i am doing my distance learning MBA in HR and always search of search blog.


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