HR Process Framework

HR Process Framework

HR Process Framework

A common language is always important when we talk about processes. Here is a simple framework to use when classifying and understanding HR processes. You may use any framework available in the market. APQC and Hackett Group have framework that you may use. Below is a classification that you can use to articulate E2E HR processes up to a task level.

  • Level 1 – Category, this is high level grouping for HR strategy, planning, employee life cycle, service delivery
  • Level 2 – Process Group, is a logical grouping of processes e.g. Joining the workforce, Rewarding
  • Level 3 – Processes, e.g. Recruitment, on-boarding
  • Level 4 – Sub Processes or Activities, e.g. Job posting, Personal data management
  • Level 5 – Tasks, e.g. Posting a job to career site, etc.
Start from an existing classification if you don’t have one in your organisation. Below is a framework may be used to classify HR processes. I will be sharing detailed process taxonomy upto level 4 in the upcoming blog. Level 5 tasks are usually organisation specific and it makes sense to map this for your organisation to get a better view of the roles and responsibilities.

HR Processs Taxonomy

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