SIPOC - Recruitment Process

SIPOC is a tool used to summarise the input and output of one or more processes into a one pager and used mainly at the beginning of the process design work. SIPOC stands for 'Supplier', 'Input', 'Process', 'Output' and 'Customer'.

As highlighted, SIPOC is a great tool to use in the beginning of a process mapping exercise to provide a high level overview of the process.  SIPOC  helps you to understand who is the true'customer' of the process which is often vague for HR processes as the processes are mainly internally focussed. This helps HR to understand the requirement of the customers and actually involve some of the customers in the process design phase to ensure process is designed to meet the customer requirements.

SIPOC intend to answer 4 key questions
Who are the suppliers?
What input are they supplying to the process?
What is the output of the process?
Who is the customer or the person using the output?

Below is an example of SIPOC for recruitment process
Recruitment Process SIPOC

Clearly manager and candidates are the key customers of the recruitment process, engage with hiring managers during recruitment process design and also gain feedback from some of the new hires when thinking about redesigning the recruitment process.  Always give importance to the customer experience, in this case candidates experience and hiring manager experience enough thought when designing 'best in class' recruitment processes.


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  3. In the domain of recruitment processes, SIPOC serves as a guiding framework, outlining the crucial steps and stakeholders involved. From sourcing candidates to onboarding, SIPOC maps out the Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow. By comprehensively addressing each facet, organizations can enhance their recruitment strategies, fostering talent acquisition and organizational growth.


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