Contol phase to ensure project benefits are sustained

One key difference in managing benefits of a project within HR Continuous Improvement model and other model is the Control phase. Monitoring or Control plan to be agreed and process owner to be appointed to ensure benefits are realised and sustained. Control phase ensures quality beyond the project and also ensure learning from the projects are shared for further improving the way projects are managed!

Control phase monitors the outcome to ensure the program/project/initiative has delivered the project post go live and even 3 months or 6 months or 1 year after the project is closed. 

Control charts may be deployed to  control/monitor the output from a project to ensure a sustaining change / benefit is delivered. When it comes to control, a tolerence limit needs to be agreed. Six sigma methodology talks about the control phase in detail including upper control limit and lower control limit and managing the deviation in the process. These are mainly more applicable in manufacturing and in processes requiring high precision and accuracy. For HR projects, i would say a simple plan for short term and long term monitoring would do the trick!

In terms of HR projects, the short term monitoring objective is to ensure any issues are handled and an adequate fix is applied. Let's call this Hypercare plan, it is advisible to always keep the project team ON during the hypercare phase before the project is moved to business as usual process management. Hypercare plan should have details about how an issue will be identified , worked upon and resolved - commonly followed in IT projects however not always given equal importance in non technology projects.

In terms of long term monitoring,  process monitoring embedded with the HR performance management dashboad would be the right approach to ensure project outcomes are sustained, monitored and adequate response action is taken.

HR Continuous Improvement

If the benefits are not delivered or the KPIs have not hit the required standards, go back to ideate process, identify opportunity to further improve those metrics. With the HR Continuous Improvement model, strategic KPIs to be monitored as part of the performance management dashboard to ensure strategic objectives are achieved and performance is sustained at that level to achieve competitive advantage.

Apart from tracking the quantitive objectives, it is also important to do surveys to gain qualitative feedback at control stage. Roll out simple survey to understand how the improvements were perceived by the end users, did it make an impact? did they like it? is there more suggestions for improvement? etc.


  1. This article talks about using an excel control chart to know whether you're meeting the standards for continuous improvement. It's easy to set up, so start now so you can be ahead of any problems down the road! Testing raw data can help prevent failures in production by understanding why adjustments were made and how those adjustments affect production. Learn what a control chart is and how to make one in Excel. Learn about how to do a control chart in excel.

  2. Implementing a robust Control phase is crucial for sustaining project benefits over time. Assigning a process owner and agreeing on a monitoring plan ensures that benefits are realized and maintained beyond project completion. Utilizing control charts and topfollow setting tolerance limits are effective methods to monitor outcomes and manage deviations.

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