Delivering the benefits outlined by the improvement initiatives

Once the improvement initiatives are selected from the selection process, you will have portfolio of projects/ initiatives, it is important to classify the project based on the size of the project into 'Projects' and 'Just Do it's'. 

For 'Just Do It's' , do not to spend too much time in project administration, rather let the team to focus on just delivering as too much of documentation might undermine the benefits.

For projects, use the right project management methodology to deliver the benefits outlined. Whether you use waterfall or agile methodology, it is critical to be very clear on the below point
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • What success will look like?
  • What KPIs are we improving? What is the baseline value and target value?
Building a project charter is the first step in order to ensure all the parties involved in the delivery are clear on the outcome and how the project is planning to achieve the outcome. 

Below is an example of project charter

Project governance to be in place with clear stage gate to ensure project is managed to deliver the benefits outlined. There are many methodology in place, but a very basic project phase in waterfall methodology is shown below for a typical technology project

During the initiation phase of the project, call out success criteria including measurable benefits. Benefit realisation is the key part of a project that is often forgotton. Once project is delivered, it is important to measure the output to check if project delivered the outcome which was set in the ideation phase. Assign a benefit manager (or Business Project Lead) for the project to ensure project is always on track to meet the benefit it has committed to. In LEAN transformation approach, it is important to have initiatives which impact KPI that is measurable to show the project is making an impact to the strategic objectives that the organisation wants to achieve.

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