Creating a culture of continuous improvement within HR

Based on APQC study, 69% of organisations have identified continuous improvement as one of their top 3 priorities to achieve operational excellence. Creating a culture of continuous improvement is one of the key challenges for 47.7% of the organisation.

One of the key question in every HR leaders mind is,  how do I create a culture of continuous improvement across HR department. This means a culture of innovation where every HR person see end to end value flow in a organisation and are keen to contribute towards improving the processes and reducing waste in the HR processes. 

Below is a 6 step transformation process that talks about the step, activities and output to lead of journey towards continuous improvement. We are here talking about ideas, ideas and improvements need not to technology ideas and need not be something that is expensive. To show early success, the team focussing on 'Zero Investment Innovations' that are non technology related or High value quick wins in technology improvements can take the journey a long way!

Driving Continuous Improvement Culture in HR

Making this a reality requires investment in people, technology and capability.  Remember this is a cultural change, 'No one size fits all' - so it is important to adopt the right method in each step that works for your organisation!

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  1. Improving HR can eventually improve the organization as a whole, but the thing is that bringing change is tough when people are reluctant. While pursuing my business management degree, I have taken the best UK essay online for HR course, where I learned that HR policies can uplift or destroy the organization. So, improving gradually with these steps can bring betterment.


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