HR Process Taxonomy

HR Process Taxonomy is a structured framework to identify end to end HR processes. Having a clearly written HR process taxonomy will enable organisations to have a common language within your business. HR taxonomy provide clarity on 'who does what' when mapped to the level 5 (task level) and help to get a wholistic view of all the HR processes and activities. However, note that HR process taxonomy isn't a full list of all HR accountabilities , products and services (e.g. Business partnering) and isn't intended to list down all non HR activities performed by HR or  list all the local variation of HR Processes. The above diagram shows a complete HR process taxonomy covering end to end HR processes from strategy to execution.

Process Taxonomy needs to be mapped to a task level (level 5) to get a good understanding of processes and will help to identify which role perform each tasks in your organisation as per design. Also, it will give clarity to have a RACI at all processes/ sub processes level. Process taxonomy gives a view of what the process should be as per how it is defined, however to understand more about if processes are being followed, deploying an HR activity tracker survey might be a good idea.

Below diagram shows the process framework that we covered in one of the previous blog

Please note: Level 5 (task level) will be dependent on your business. Also level 4 processes/ sub processes would require some tweak from the below model based. You may also use standard frameworks from APQC, Hackett Group.

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