Selection Process

Not generating enough idea is a problem, but too many ideas are also a problem. The key for breakthrough innovation is to distinguish the great ideas from 'not so great' ideas.

Once the ideas are identified then it is important to understand what makes sense to implement and what makes sense to implement NOW! 

I want to introduce 2 prioritisation matrix that can be used to answer these critical questions
  • Which ideas should we be progressing?
  • When we should be implementing these ideas?
In order to ensure we prioritise the ideas correctly , we need to understand the 'Value delivered by the Idea' or the 'Importance of the idea', 'Urgency/criticality of implementing ' or 'Impact of not doing' and also 'efforts to implement'. Use a scale 3 scale rating to rate your ideas to Low, Medium, High.

First lets look at WHAT we should be doing?'

Big Wins and Quick wins should be the first ones to be tackled as part of the improvement initiatives

Next, lets look at 'WHAT we should be doing NOW?'

DO IT NOW quadrant should be in the immediate priority and DO IT LATER quadrant should be scheduled. 

Once the analysis is completed, the outcome of selected priority will form a strong program roadmap with initiatives that will make an impact to the business! 

Reminder of our delivery model from idea to delivery

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