Change Management approach for strategic HR transformation programmes

According to a McKinsey Study, "70% of all transformation programmes fail if you don’t have enough focus and investment on the change management components of the transformation." 
Project management focus on 'Getting things done' and Change management focus on 'Making it stick'. In order to delivery HR transformation program successfully , an integrated progam and change management approach needs to be adoped. 

There are many change management framework, ADKAR model from prosci talks about a comprehensive method for organisation change management.  In an HR transformation program, change workstream need to plan and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time to ensure engagement, support and success of the transformation.  According to ADKAR model, there are 5 key blocks of change management to manage individual change which is based on the reality that "organisational change only happens when individuals change".

  1. Awareness: focus on to create awareness to the impacted individuals and deliver messages to create awareness
  2. Desire to create an interest about the change within the indivisual 
  3. Knowledge is where the impacted individuals understand more about 'what the change is' and 'what is in it for them'
  4. Ability is when individuals starts to action and experiment
  5. Reinforcement focusses on commitment and advocacy of impacted individuals to sustain the change
There are 12 building blocks or stages of change in an HR transformation program. Change management approach needs to ensure all 12 stages (which may be broadly classified into 4 areas as shown below) are addressed as part of the program involving the right people with right skillset to drive successful adoption and program change delivery
Change Management approach for strategic HR transformation programmes

Building foundation:  to manage the change and ensure transformation program has solid support from senior stakeholder and network of influencers across the organisation. This includes

  • Executive Sponsorship and strong leadership alignment
  • Effective change network within the business including HR Business Partners, Directors, COE leads, employee and business manager
  • Team building with in the program team and strong feeling of team

Discovery and assessment: is the initial analysis phase in a program to understand more about the change, where in impact of change is assessed in detail to help with a comprehensive change management strategy and plan, this includes

  • Comprehensive change impact assessment and action plan
  • Stakeholder analysis and action plan
  • Success & Adoption Meaures definition
Strategy and delivering value:  is about devising strategy, planning and execution in line with the overall transformation program to ensure communication, training and engagement sessions are delivered with right message at the right time to the right audience, key components here are

  • Org design and implementation plan
  • Clear change and engagement strategy, plan and execution
  • Training needs analysis, plan and training delivery
  • Business readiness and preparation
Value expansion: ensures value delivered through the program is sustained and benefits are realised with clear measurement and adoption plan, this includes

  • Benefits/Adoption measurement & action plan
  • Recognition and celebration of success 
Change management workstream should be appropriately funded with the right people when delivering an HR transformation program  to ensure change sticks!

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