HR Strategy & Priority Review

In todays world of business, strategic priorities keep changing due to the multiple factors - external or internal. HR strategy and priotities should always support the business strategy at that point of time. It is important for HR leadership team to review the strategy, objectives and priorities on a regular basis.

Objective and priority setting is NOT a one-time exercise or an annual activity, but a continuous process!

Hoshin Kanri Strategic planning document needs to be reviewed which means the teams objectives needs to be reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure the teams are focusssing on the right priorities in the context of the business. HR Leadership Team and Key program directors needs to come together on a quarterly basis to checkin the below key points and ask the below questions
  • Is the objectives still relevant?
  • Are the initiatives the right one?
  • Are we making progress in the right direction based on balanced scorecard?
  • Do we need to shift any priorities to support overall business priority?

The key output would be classified into STOP, START CONTINUE log and make any adjustment by cascading to the teams.

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