Multi-tiered HR service delivery and expectations of technology & outcome from tiered HR services

HR shared services play a central role in HR function by providing a range of services to employees, and managers including payroll processing, benefit administation, data management. A multi-tiered HR service delivery model is often used to deliver HR services via shared services and using HRIS technologies. Traditionally the role of HR shared services was to drive operational efficiency and cost advantage, however this scenario is changing with heightened employee technology experience expectations , demographic changes with more millenials at work expecting a 5-9 experience during working hours.

tiered HR service delivery

The above diagram shows a 4 tiered HR service delivery model in which HR shared service centre forms a central role in delivering services. 
Tier 0 is becoming increasingly important to drive excellent employee experience to meet the expectations of employees and to retain & enhance organisatonal intelligence which is even more important as old model of employees going through detailed class room training and preparing for the job is becoming irrelevant. Technologies like case managment tool, knowledge management , document management, chatbot, digital adoption platform, experience platforms playing important role to strengthen Tier 0 service delivery. 
Tier 1 strive for better customer satisfaction with standardised streamlined SOP driven services with a high focus on delivering services faster with first time resolution. 
Tier 2 focus on specialised services where quality of service, efficiency and flawless delivery is key. 
Tier 3 services is  to resolve issues and exceptions, it is key to keep minimum queries going to HRBPs and COEs, this is where a real human touch and empathy can make a big difference. 

Below diagram shows the flow of information for employee query and HR transaction based on the tiered service delivery model
HR query and transaction services flow


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