Microsoft Viva - Employee Experience amplified with the power of collaboration tool and insights

Today, i read exciting news about Microsoft Viva release. Considering the fact that the news is coming just after the acquisition news of peakon by workday. The first news about workday acquisition sounded more like a consolidating in HCM market like SAP SuccessFactors-Qualtrics collaboration. But the Microsoft Viva is something i am really looking forward. Microsoft with its current portfolio of collaboration tools like MS Teams, O365. MS Workplace Analytics, Yammer and Linkedin  & GLINT ownership can do a lot of wonder in this space which is going to define the industry in the next couple of years. 

Below are the anticipation from this unified employee experience portal that I am very much excited about.

Perfect Buddy for MS Teams: The best part of Viva is it will be accessible from Microsoft Teams, with COVID-19 situation there has been a massive increase in the adoption of MS Teams, so Viva adoption will not be an area of concern for organisations planning to deploy this technology. 

Redefining how information is accessed: Many organisation have their internal portal in Microsoft SharePoint, with policies and knowledge articles posted this. With Viva i am expecting a simplification in the way employees consume vast amount of content within the organisation. I would love to see personalised content delivery soon via Viva

Collaboration through Yammer: I am also expecting to see Yammer groups and communities integrated within Viva to make informal learning & communities of practices fun 

Getting to know own & teams work habits with the power of Analytics: With Microsoft Workplace analytics insights, employees and manager will suddenly get actionable insights on their finger tips. Combining with the power of other information, this will help drive good working habits within organisations & teams.

Viva Learning integrating Learning in the flow of work: In the announcement, Microsoft highlighted about making learning accessible and part of the flow of work with access to LinkedIn Learning and bit sized learning from multiple providers via Viva. 

Intelligence from O365: With the Power of AI, reading unstructured data from O365 will become possible. I am anticipating a google assistant on mobile experience with Microsoft Viva

Connected employee engagement survey with GLINT: Employee engagement platform GLINT owned by Microsoft will now join hands with Viva to make pulse check even easier and allow organisation to measure experience at every moment that matters for employees.

Microsoft Viva Mashup

Microsoft Viva announcement is a very exciting news that has a potential to massively disrupt our current knowledge about employee experience, engagement surveys and employee wellbeing. I am hoping that MicroSoft Viva is that perfect marriage between MS Teams, MS Workplace Analytics, O365, Yammer, GLINT, LinkedIn and many other products within Microsoft ecosystem!


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